Jvar Shanti Stotra

Brāhmi brahma-svarūpē tvaṁ, māṁ prasīda sanātani!
Paramātma-svarūpē ca, paramānanda-rūpini.

'Om prakr̥tya namō bhadrē, māṁ prasīda bhavarṇavē.
Sarva-maṅgala-rūpē ca, prasīda sarva-maṅgalē.

Vijayē śivadēvi! Māṁ prasīda jaya-pradē.
Vēda-vēdāṅga-rūpē ca, vēda-mātaḥ! Prasīda mē.

Śōkaghnē jñāna-rūpē ca, prasīda bhakta vatsalē.
Sarva-sampat-pradē māyē, prasīda jagadambikē.

Lakṣmīnārāyaṇa-krōḍē, strasturvakṣi bhāratī.
Mama krōḍē mahā-māyā, viṣṇu-māyē prasīda mē.

Kāla-rūpē kārya-rūpē, prasīda dīna-vatsalē.
Kr̥ṣṇasya rādhikē bhadra, prasīda kr̥ṣṇa pūjitē.

Samasta-kāminīrūpē, kalānśēna prasīda mē.
Sarva-sampat-svarūpē tvaṁ, prasīda sampadāṁ pradē.

Yaśasvibhiḥ pūjitē tvaṁ, prasīda yaśasaṁ nidhēḥ.
Carācara-svarūpē ca, prasīda mama ciram.

Mama yōga-pradē dēvī! Prasīda sid'dha-yōgini.
Sarvasid'dhisvarūpē ca, prasīda sid'dhadāyini.

Adhunā rakṣa māmīśē, pragdhaṁ virahagninā.
Svātma-darśana-puṇyēna, krīṇīhi īśvari.

Ētat paṭhēcchr̥ṇuyāccana, viyōga-jvarō bhavēt
na bhavēt kāminībhēdastya janma.

|| Jvar Vinashak Stotram Sampoornam ||

Occasionally, regardless of how peaceful one may be, the external environment they reside in may not match their desired level of calmness. Many people often express their dissatisfaction with the lack of peace at home, despite their best efforts. What if we were to suggest one more endeavor that could bring you the peace you yearn for, not only within your home but also within yourself?

The Jvar Shanti Stotra is extracted from the ancient Upanishads of Vedic tradition. These verses are recited at the commencement of various rituals and ceremonies. The profound benefits of the Jvar Shanti Stotra encompass the bestowal of peace and prosperity upon the chanters, those who listen to it, and the global community at large.

This stotra should be chanted in times of potential family discord, health issues, or unexpected misfortune. It can also be instrumental in overcoming obstacles in romantic relationships. After performing rituals dedicated to your chosen deity or Goddess Gauri, recite the aforementioned stotra. To achieve your desired outcomes, a combination of determination and devotion is imperative.

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