Mantra to Pluck Basil Leaves

Tulsi has religious importance in Hindu religion and special importance in Ayurveda. Since Tulsi is worshiped in Hindu religion, some special mantra should be chanted while plucking Tulsi leaves. It is considered part of our religious and cultural traditions. Special mantras are used to break the basil leaves, reading which frees the creature from any mistake or sin and leads them into religious meditation.

The mantra for plucking basil leaves is,

"Om Shri Tulsaya Namah."

This mantra means, "O Shri Tulsi, I salute you."

"Om Subhadraya Namah, Matastulasi Govind Hridayananda Karini,
Narayanasya Pujaartham Chinomi Twan Namostute."

Means: "My obeisances to Subhadra, O Mother Tulsi, who is the cause of joy in the heart of Govinda, I choose you for the worship of Narayana, I bow to you."

This mantra is dedicated to Tulsi Mata and is used to seek the blessings of her grace. By reading this we establish our religious ideals and meditation and make Tulsi leaves a part of our religious conduct. This mantra fills us with the feeling of good wishes and the feeling of worshiping Tulsi.

While reciting the mantra to break Tulsi leaves, we should act with respect and reverence. It makes us aware of the dignity and respect of religious and cultural values. This traditional ritual of Tulsi makes us understand the importance of natural medicine and spiritual worship.

Basil leaves should not be plucked on Sunday. Special care should be taken about this. It is a great sin to pluck basil leaves on Sunday.

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